Sesame™ Dual-Seat Sampling Valve

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The Keofitt SESAME sampling valve is Keofitt’s newest and patented dual-seat sampling valve. Truly unique in the market, it offers optimal CIP and SIP conditions, while also incorporating steam supply control and completely eliminating the steam inlet dead-space in other designs.

The unique feature of this valve is in its membrane design which incorporates two separate seats for sampling and sterilizing/sanitizing, respectively. The second seat is located in the area sealing off the valve head. This design allows the sealing area to be sterilized along with the valve chamber prior to each sampling procedure. Furthermore, no separate inlet is required, thus eliminating any dead space while sampling.

The Keofitt SESAME valve is designed for sampling of low or medium viscosity products with included solid particles of less than 3mm in diameter.

How SESAME Works

Normal PositionSteam PositionSample Position


Here are three examples of important and unique SESAME advantages:

1. Sample will never spray out through the steam inlet during sampling. With normal valves, this happens when the operator forgets to mount the cap or the cap disconnects.2. It is not possible to unintentionally send steam or CiP fluids into the process line, as the sample seat and the steam seat cannot open simultaneously. This is a risk with all other valves as the steam inlet is open even during sampling.3. Aseptic sampling in a closed system cannot be compromised in case the operator leaves the steam inlet open during sampling. Other valves will open for sampling even if steam inlet is open allowing airborne contamination of the sample.


Other Advantages

  • SESAME is self-draining in many positions where normal valves are not. It can even be installed upside down!
  • Clamp connection between body and head: No problem with threads and neutral valve position where preferred.