Micro Port

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The Keofitt® Micro Ports are designed to take samples using a hypodermic needle or a syringe, with minimum risk of contamination.

Designed for sampling low viscosity products with microscopic particles in the fluid. The main products Micro Ports are used for have about 0-50cP in viscosity.

The Micro Ports are used in a range of business areas, such as breweries, dairies, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, with a wide range of products such as:

  • Water
  • Milk
  • Medical solutions
  • Filtered beer
  • Perfume
  • Olive oil
  • And much more

The Micro Ports come with a variety of connection options that fit most situation.


Technical Data

Temperature range:EPDM Septum0 to 110ºC / 32 to 230ºF
Process line pressure 
(inside tank or pipe):
All Micro Port0 to 6 bar(g) / 0 to 87 psi (g)
Material: Steel parts:316L*
Membranes:Butyl FDA approved
Dimensions:Process dimensionIn-/outlet dimension
Body surface:Inner surface Ra < 0,8 μm/32 μinchElectropolished outside
Material certificate:3.1
*Other materials available on request


Click here to download the Keofitt Micro Port sampling valve manual